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  Ian Williams - Principal - Identity Systems Group (ISG)


Associations (Past & present)

Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators – Subject Matter Expert

U.S. Biometric Consortium - Member

BioAPI Consortium - Member

National Institute of Standards & Technology’s (NIST) Biometric Working Group

National Academy of Science Biometric Panel

International Association for Biometrics (UK)

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators – Industry Advisory Board

AAMVA Biometric Working Group - Member

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) – Contributor

IEEE Standards Association – Member



Professional Profile

Mr. Williams has a long and distinguished career in the government identification industry and has evolved as a trusted expert & advisor, solicited by government entities to assist them develop new or improved secure credential programs. These include driver license, health and/or social services client identification, citizen identification and ICAO projects.

 In the nine years since forming his own consultancy he has been employed by over 20 government entities to develop the business and technical requirements for citizen identification programs. Many programs he has developed are valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

 As a recognized industry expert, Mr. Williams is also solicited by industry standards development committees and associations to provide opinion and input, and regularly presents on identification technology matters at many government conferences.  

 Mr. Williams has been described as the “innovation leader” in the US driver licence market and served many state governments. Of worthy note, of the three US states granted national awards for secure credential issuance achievement, two are prior clients of Mr. Williams. In Canada, every Provincial & Territorial government (13 of 13) has employed Mr. Williams to provide expert recommendations & guidance on their future citizen identification, health client identification or driver licencing programs.

 Federal governments in both the US and Canada have labeled Mr. Williams as an expert in identification technology, policies and program development and he has been repeatedly called upon by both to provide expert testimony and advice on national identity strategies and policies.




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